150315 Korean Class


We started studying with 이화 한국어 5 today! I really like the book! It’s much better than Sogang 5! More contents and the grammar points are introduced first! I also like the passages especially the 발해 봅시다 part where they give you examples on how to express yourself by using different kinds of sentence patterns. I just love it!! And my teacher told me that she thinks 이화 matches my style of learning.

I asked my teacher if I improved the past 2 months. She said my speaking skills is still the same since she thinks I’m already good in speaking even though I think I’m still struggling a lot. My writing improved!! She’s impressed that there’s not much corrections to do on my essays which I’m happy about! Yay!

I’m actually quite surprised that I can discuss topics such as education in Korea, current events, politics etc. in Korean.  While I was discussing with teacher today I couldn’t help but be happy about what I have achieved so far. I know I’m still lacking in a lot of aspects but I’m slowly getting there. More perseverance and we will get there!

150307 Korean Class

It’s already March! I can’t believe I’ve been studying Korean in a language academy for 10 weeks now. Time sure is fast!


Photo taken by my friend Ashley who came in to sit in that day^^

I finished most of my homework in the morning. She checked the 10 pages homework on the workbook and there were just a few mistakes because I wasn’t using the proper 조사. She checked my essays as well which I was nervous about and I’m glad there weren’t much mistakes! Yay!


We studied writing first. Last time she explained how to make a simple sentence longer and rules to follow when writing a 단락. This time she explained how to connect ideas to make a 좋은 단락 and which 접속어 to use when connecting sentences.

I love the activities on 서강 쓰기 2! The ‘find the mistakes in these sentences’ is my favorite! At first I was overwhelmed because I have never written essays before when I was self-studying but as time goes by I’m getting used to it without any pressure. I hope I can make it on time to write properly when I take TOPIK.


Speaking of TOPIK, there’s a TOPIK test in 서강 workbook and my teacher made me answer them. I got 30 questions right out of 33. My teacher told me I have a bad habit skimming through. She told me not to skip anything when I’m reading so I can understand the questions properly. I have to fix that bad habit of mine.


We learned 속담 and 사장성어 last time and she gave me a long list of 속담 and 12 page quiz on them. Since I don’t know much 관용어 I asked her to give me a list as well. She said I can do them whenever I have the time since the lists are long.


My essay writing homework will be written in that 원고지. It’s a practice method for TOPIK and there are rules to follow when writing on 원고지. Those blank spaces are intimidating though ahaha.

I have a month and a half to prepare for TOPIK! I have to study hard and practice writing more. Revise and learn grammar if I have time and of course learn more words.

한글 파크

Some big bookstores in Korea, like 교보, 영풍문고 and 밴드엔루니 sometimes don’t have all the Korean textbooks you want. Well, there’s this small but awesome bookstore in 신촌 you must check out if you are into Korean books like me. 한글파크!



You can find most of the Korean textbooks there! There are sections for books you may need! SNU, Yonsei, Sogang, Ehwa, KU, TOPIK books, Korean grammar dictionaries, Korean recipe books, Korean history books, and etc., you can find them there! This is like heaven to me since I love books! I spend hours there just checking out books even though I own some of them already.


The staff there are very nice and accommodating! I’ve been there so many times I think they already know me lol. If you buy a book from them there’s actually a 5% discount which is not bad. I bought 외국인을 위한 한국어 문법 II today! And they gave me Korean book catalogs from different publishers which is really nice.

So, if you are visiting Korea and you want to buy books, well, this is the place to go!

How to go there:

Get off at 신촌역 and get out at Exit 1. Go straight past 현대백화점 and Olive Young. Look for 신도약국. It’s on the same building and it’s on the 3rd floor.



I was able to review 14 grammar points today! *throws confetti* I also did a short test about them and out of 32 questions I got 5 wrong because I wasn’t reading the question correctly. I compared the grammar points in 연세 한국어 4 with my other books and I noticed that I didn’t learn some that’s in 연세! I listed them down and will start learning them tomorrow. I started learning Japanese again! I just can’t help myself!!! I started of course with hiragana and this is actually my 4th time learning them lol. I learned them before when I was attempting to get into Japanese. I kept on forgetting them since I don’t really use Japanese but this time I will definitely will. I met a Japanese girl on instagram and she learned Korean in Sogang 2 years ago? She’s actually pretty good and we became instant friends! We’ve been talking the whole day actually. She told me she’ll help me out with my Japanese! Yay language partner haha! I feel like I achieved a lot today! I hope I can do more tomorrow! I have an essay to write, 4 pages of 속담 to memorize and 7 pages of stuff to answer. Easy breezy.


Yesterday we started learning 속담 and 사자성어. I know that’s like supposed to be in like level 4ish? But 서강 books are different. Some grammar that’s supposed to be taught in a higher level are taught in advance in the lower level and  same goes for lower level grammar which are taught in the higher level. Err. Anyway, I already know some 속담 but it was my first time to learn 사자성어. I know a few Chinese characters and I’m glad that it helped me understand some 사자성어 easily.. Knowing what each character stands for makes it easier to know what the 사자성어 mean.

We started using 서강쓰기2 and my teacher absolutely loves the book. She thinks it’s a good book to use for academic/formal writing. Basically it gives you patterns, rules and stuff that you need to be careful about when writing in Korean. I love the book too but since it was new to me I didn’t have much confidence at the beginning. She checked my essay which I wrote quickly while I was on the subway on my way to the academy. Was really surprised because there weren’t any grammatical errors just minor typos! *dances* On the other hand the homework on the 쓰기 book was confusing for me. I get the pattern and rules but 문장 확장하기 was confusing (or I’m just awfully slow). My sentences were right but to make them more 유창해 I needed to add more. She explained it again and made me redo them in front of her and I was nervous! Thankfully I got them right this time. I need to write an essay with the same pattern as a homework for next week yikes.

I was going to suggest that we should use a different book since 서강 5A is just too easy for me but she actually read my mind and said it first. I’m torn between Ehwa 5 and Yonsei 5. Both are good so I am not sure which one we should use in class.

TOPIK Registration


Registered for the 40th TOPIK exam! OMG I cannot believe I am finally doing it! I applied through my Korean language academy and I just paid extra 5,000. Much easier than having to apply online which gave me a big headache after so many attempts on registering.

Class today was fun as usual. We didn’t get to meet for 2 weeks because I was busy. Anyway, she checked my homework and she just realized she gave me a lot! She checked my essay too and she said my writing improved! It’s much better than last month and it’s smoother /cries/. That made me really happy :))

We’ll be using 서강쓰기2 in class. She already gave me homework and some essays to write. Excited to go to class this Friday and Saturday! Yay!